Build season has officially started! Click the links below to learn more about this year’s competition.

Game reveal video
Game manual pdf
Game manual website
Calendar raffle drawing has begun check below to see if you won! Congratulations to the winners and good luck to everyone! Don’t forget to enter next year!

January 1st: Emily Dunn

2nd: Loyal Fischer (sold by Adam Fischer)

3rd: Angela Witwer (sold by Emily Dunn)

4th: Mira Earhart (sold by Lilia Colbrunn)

5th: Judy Bearer

6th: Judi Hollenbaugh (sold by Chloe Hollenbaugh)

7th: Sandy Risser (sold by Hannah Liggett)

8th: Mira Earhart (sold by Lilia Colbrunn)

9th: Ed Waag (and Katie Waag) (sold by Christian Graber)

10th: Elaine Horst (sold by John and Levi Horst)

11th: Michael Horst (sold by John and Levi Horst)

12th: Ben Schreibman (sold by Breaden Jeski)

13th: Valerie Marasco (sold by Brian Marasco)

14th: Andrea Wisniewski

15th: Anita Gerenday (sold by Christian Graber)

16th: Pamela Murray (sold by Maddy Schreiner)

17th: Jessica McConnell (sold by Jonah Freas)

18th: Vickie Yen (sold by Jason Yen)

19th: Ginny Dastoli (sold by Jonah Freas)

20th: Kay Rannells (sold Bryant Burns)

21st: Rick Holland (sold by Braeden Jeske)

22nd: Loyal Fischer (sold by Adam Fischer)

23rd: Stacie Smith (sold by Owen McInnes)

24th: Deb Smith (sold by Owen McInnes)

25th: Alli Lees (sold by Christian Graber)

26th: Richard Tsai (sold by Jason Yen)

27th: Brandi Horst (sold by John Horst)

28th: Sandy Risser (sold by Hannah Liggett)

29th: Katy Rodino

30th: Rick Holland

31st: Adam Burkey

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