Bag Day!

Bag Day is here and we are busier than ever! Our robot has to be finished and in a bag by 11:59 pm tonight, so the team is planning on staying until the last minute to get as much done as possible. Bag day can be the most stressful day of the year for many team members, advisors, and coaches as they try to complete our robot. However, it is also a fun time full of laughs and some sleep deprived jokes as the night progresses. Hopefully we will be able to complete our robot tonight and we will be ready for competition!

Only 6 Days Until Bag Day!

The Steel Stingers are counting down the days until Bag Day! For those of you who do not know what Bag Day is, it is the last day to finish working on our robot; we have to put the robot in a bag and we cannot open it until our March competitions. We are looking forward to seeing the innovations of other teams and hopefully we can experience gracious professionalism during the fierce competition.