Our Coaches

Mr. Rudolph is the coach for our Highland robotics team! He has been coaching robotics for 3 years now. He works very hard at making sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to and helps us when it is needed. Mr. Rudolph is a very good and fun robotics coach. He doesn’t just make sure we are doing what we are suppose to, but makes sure we are having fun!

Mr. Colbrunn is our assistant coach who specializes in programming. He has five children: Boyd, Lilia, Gabe, Adalai, and Troy. Over the past couple of years Mr. Colbrunn has proved to be invaluable. Whether he is helping us with robot design ideas or simply boosting the team morale, he is always available to help us. Without Mr. Colbrunn we certainly wouldn’t be at the level we are today and want to extend our sincerest gratitude.