Our Student Leaders

2603 is a student led team. Here are the leads and apprentices on our team!

Captains: Susie Bukowski and Evan Davis

Mechanical leads: Susie Bukowski, Erik Fredmonsky Apprentices: Kyra Avarello, Luke Marinelli

Electrical Lead: Aydin Falasco

Business Team Managers: Cadence Heaton, Aiden Klunzinger

Scouting Lead: Adalai Colbrunn

Sorting/Room and Pit Manager: Kyra Avarello

3D Printing Lead: Evan Davis Apprentice: Colten Cmich

Safety Captain: Luke Marinelli

CAD/Solidworks Lead: Evan Davis Apprentice: Colten Cmich

Programming Lead: Nandini Pande Apprentice: Ben Boggs

Pneumatics Lead: Susie Bukowski Apprentice: David Hoelter

Carpentry/Field Pieces: Kyra Avarello Apprentice: David Hoelter