Build Season Grind Time

When team members watch the sky grow dark from the library windows and become close friends with the third shift janitorial staff, there can only be one explanation: build season is in session!

That’s right, team 2603 has upgraded from sketches and training. In the zenith of prototypes and whiteboards of calculations, all hands are on deck. After the 2019 challenge release on January 5th, members have been pooling resources, ideas, and, of course, snacks, to come up with the best possible plan of action.

Not to say that obstacles haven’t compromised idealist attempts: physical limitations have occasionally been breached and weight limits exceeded, to name a few comeuppances. Nonetheless, we have come together to power through like a motor at full capacity to rethink, redesign, and remodel old trials, ultimately putting ourselves on track for a successful build season.

Yet, the progress of this robotics team couldn’t come without the generous support from our sponsors. A huge thank you from our team to all the individuals who make robotics here at Highland a FIRST priority for dedicated students.

Stay tuned for calendar raffle and build progress updates as we approach competition, ready to face the challenge head on.


Quade Mainzer

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